Removals France – What do You Know?

Moving to France is a wonderful but scary opportunity. As with any move to a new country, there are lots of questions to answer and decisions to make. One of the decisions to make is the choice of which company to use to move a family’s belongings. There are so many companies that offer removals France. The customer has to have adequate information about the company to make a sensible choice. Here are some questions to help make that choice.

#1: Is the removals France company a member of the Removers Trade Association?
Knowing this will tell a prospective customer if the company adheres to the Association’s code of ethics. It will also address the question of how secure deposits and payments are. The Removers Trade Association guarantees performance of the moving service contracted for even if the specific removals France company goes out of business or is unable to complete the contracted service.

#2: Are shipments carried by trucks that are directly employees of the removals France company or are sub-contractors used?
If the company only uses its own direct employees, that means that they have complete control over the drivers schedules, complete knowledge of the physical conditions of the trucks, a known and organized network of service providers at the destination. In other words, the company knows what’s going on with the shipment. If they use sub-contractors, the removals France company does know work habits of the driver, the maintenance record for the truck or the quality of the workers who will unload the shipment at the destination. If you are planning on moving to france then go for it.It’s a good thought.

#3: Is the staff composed of full-time, well-trained workers?
Workers who are well-trained and regularly paid with full-time hours are more conscientious and caring about their duties. Job security allows them to have more pride in their work. Laborers who are part-time or paid by the day do not have the same motivation to improve or perform extraordinarily. The insecurity inherent in day laborers causes more accidents and poorer job performance.

#4: Does the company carry insurance? Do they offer the customer a variety of different protection levels?
An experienced removals France company knows that accidents can happen. Accidents are just part of the cost of doing business. Knowing that causes them to have significant and realistic insurance coverage. They also know that different customers have different levels of risk tolerance and so they provide different level of coverage. The inexperience company will boast that its skill, drivers and equipment make detailed coverage unnecessary. It is for the customer to judge who is the most realistic.

#5: How do you feel about the company?
Of course this is the most subjective question. Its answer may also be the least quantifiable one. But the quality of a company and it’s philosophy of customer service can be measured by how readily and thoroughly it provides information, by the behavior of its representatives and the manner in which they present its services. A reliable removals France company knows that it must provide accurate information, make clear and specific promises and fulfill those promises. If it does that, the customer will be satisfied.


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